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Traditional Greek Food & Drinks Products

   Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd., making good use of its 15 year experience in International Trade, has established, since 2011,  its Traditional Greek Food & Drinks Products Trading Unit with a view to offering its worldwide customers a large variety of traditional, authentic, high-quality  products, made by small Greek as well as large organic farms at very competitive prices as a result of negotiations and strong relationships with our producers.

   We personally get to know all of our suppliers with whom we are continuously building strong and sincere trading bonds. We visit on regular basis their farms in order to taste their products and to make sure that the quality of the goods is kept at the highest level during all the procedures of the production. All of our suppliers are certified with the necessary Greek, European and Global Certifications for Quality and Safety of Food Management Systems.

   The company is currently active in distributing traditional Greek food products in the European, Russian and Chinese markets but it is always looking forward to expanding into new territories. We distribute our food products Worldwide to: Organic Stores, Deli Stores, Grocery Shops, Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Bars, Hotels, Super Markets, Wholesalers, Trading Companies.

   Our trading model’s goal is to offers our customers the ability to simplify the process of finding, evaluating, purchasing, grouping & transporting Greek Food & Drinks products anywhere in the world thus saving time in research and procurement and money on cost prices and transportation. You can select any quantity of any of our products, build a shipment of your prefered size for transportation cost efficiency and let us handle the rest. No minimum quantities, no quotas. Furthermore our company provides its customers with excellent pre and after sales customer service. Delivery is made in a few days to your company at a low cost. Finally we continuously try to add new products from all over Greece to our range aiming for the highest quality and authenticity. We can currntly supply a great variety od products the following categories :

  • Olive Oil & Olives
  • Honey & other Beekeeping Products
  • Vinegar
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Pulses
  • Wine
  • Water
  • Sweets & Jams
  • Pastry Products
  • Pasta Products
  • Sauces

For all your general enquiries, please contact us anytime at the email address or alternatively you can reach us at our switchboard number +30 210 9011900 during working days and hours!

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