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Company Overview

Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd. was established in July 1999 in Athens, Greece. Initially, it started as a video games independent wholesaler, exclusively servicing the domestic video games entertainment market. With no official representations and distribution agreements, the company acted in parallel to the official distributors making its own video games purchasing from around the world, utilizing the long previous experience of its founding members.

It didn’t take long before the full potential of the Global and mostly the European market was perceived, especially after the introduction and, later, the expansion of the Euro Zone. A perception that, in due time, transformed the exclusively Greek market orientation of the company, to a more open and international model of doing business in the video games industry. At that early time, Enarxis serviced as an alternative and more cost effective choice as well as a counterweight to the ever shrinking market share that had then been left uncovered from the official distributors. At the same time, it continued to expand its customer, supplier and product portfolio worldwide, gaining precious momentum and recognition so it could ultimately make a good stand in this highly competitive environment.

Through hard work, fast and impeccable customer service, competitive pricing driven by below-the-average low profit margins and constant investment in IT infrastructure, Enarxis Dynamic Media soon managed to establish itself as a credible and trustworthy international partner who delivers on its promises and supports its partners, building mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.

Today and since mid-2008, Enarxis Dynamic Media is operating from its new office facilities and 700 square meter warehouse which has been recently expanded to 1.100 sqm. Since the beginning of 2014, new office space also was made available (you can see photos of our new offices, the new meeting room and our warehouse here). Imports are conducted from the optimal source – supplier from 57 countries around the world. Enarxis currently employs 43 staff members, all people with experience at their area of expertise. They form a cohesive team, devoted to the service, support and satisfaction of the customer and driven by its goal into making Enarxis excel among its industry peers.

Since early 2011, Enarxis has begun negotiations with several independent publishers, developers and manufacturers in the video games industry, managing to establish its first, direct source distribution agreements in its history. Presently, Enarxis is distributing products from Abysse, Bioworld Merchandising, Datel Advanced Gaming Technology, Deep Silver, Excalibur Publishing, Gaya Entertainment, Idea Factory, NIS America, Nordic Games, ORB, Paladone, pQube, SD-Toys and Soedesco. In parallel, Enarxis is offering merchandise from all other major publishers and manufacturers such as SONY, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Activision, Namco Bandai, SEGA, KONAMI and many others, at world-widely competitive prices. Despite all that, it’s constantly trying to expand existing business partnerships with new ones both with publishers and official distributors internationally thus offering its partners the optimal product mix at competitive pricing combined with maximum availability and high service level.

From the beginning of 2011 Enarxis has expanded its product portfolio to traditional Greek Food & Drinks Exporting and distribution, representing many traditional quality brand names of the Greek food industry. Recently, it has further expanded to Classic Toys & Games officially distributing Carrera, Baufix, Mizumi & Real Fun Toys as well as Video Games, Movies and Music related merchandise items and independently servicing almost all LEGO product portfolio. From 2015 will also be officially distributing all Mattel brands and sub- distributing Ravenburger’s puzzles.

Currently servicing more than 1200 accounts including e-tailers, traditional retailers, chain stores, electric appliances stores, video clubs and Hypermarkets in Greece as well as the rest of the world focusing mainly on the Balkan and Cypriot markets, Enarxis has managed to achieve exceptional growth rates. With the introduction of its new B2B web site, 4th generation ERP and freshly installed state-of-the-art Warehouse & Logistics Management System, Enarxis is equipped with the best tools into facing the future challenges with confidence during these times of uncertainty.

The company’s total revenue for the year 2010 exceeded the amount of 23 million € (958.000 units sold), for 2011 the amount of 21 million € (1.010.000 units sold), for 2012 exceeded the amount of 25 million € (1.260.000 units sold) and for 2013 exceeded the amount of 22 million € (1.187.000 units sold). Revenue for 2014 is finalized at 23,5 million euro (1.500.000 units sold).

As recognition of its efforts, Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd. has been awarded the “Strongest Companies in Greece” distinction by ICAP Group for 2 consecutive years, 2010 & 2011, and for the year 2012 has been a “D-U-N-S Registered Member” by Dan & Bradstreet. Currently, two projects for the certification of ISO9000:2015 and ISO:22000 & HACCP certification are under implementation.

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