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Enviromental Practices

Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd. Has since many years adopted a variety of internal environmental procedures trough which it aims to express the environmental consciousness and orientation of its administration and employees. The goal of these practices are to limit the environmental impact that its business activities have on the environment. Below you will find a short description of the environmentally friendly actions that are applied today by the company…


Toners & Ink Cartridges

In all of the company’s facilities, 12 laser and inkjet technology printers are in productive operation. Their use has as effect the accumulation of a substantial volume of empty, used Toners and Ink Cartridges. These, are not disposed of in the garbage bins. Instead, they are collected in special Toner bins, counted and then shipped to selected partners for refurbishment and refill. After the completion of the aforementioned process, the returned cartridges are then re-used for as many times as possible, thus saving financial resources and protecting the environment by minimizing the relevant waste.



All the batteries that are used inside the company for various purposes are rechargeable and of the latest Lithium Ion technology in order to minimize relevant waste and save resources as well. After these batteries complete their life cycle they are collected to special bins placed in the company’s premises and then and then pick-up by AFIS for recycling.

Light Bulbs

The light bulbs that are used to illuminate the various spaces inside the company are LED technology thus saving substantial amounts of electric power, financial resources and minimizing replacing end-of-life replacing waste. Additionally, all the light bulbs that complete their life cycle are collected to a special bin and then picked up by PHOTOKYKLOSI for recycling.

Office Paper

All the paper waste that comes from office printouts, mail correspondence, archives cleanup or other paper consuming office functions that is no longer needed is carefully processed for security reasons through shredding machines. From that point on it is collected in storage bins and then forwarded for recycling to specialized facilities. It is estimated that almost 200 Kg of office paper is collected, processed and recycled each month.


Warehouse Packaging Waste

The company’s warehouse receives, repacks and dispatches thousands of pieces fo merchandise each day thus producing a substantial amount of packaging waste coming mostly from second and third level packaging (Master Cartons, Inner Cartons, filling materials etc.). All waste produced from this activity is collected throughout a working week in special places in the warehouse and then forwarded along with the paper waste coming from office activities to recycling facilities. It is estimated that almost 2,5 tons of packaging waste is recycled through this process every moth.


Another waste by-product of warehouse activities is used pallets. Surplus and damaged pallets are collected in a monthly basis from the warehouse and then forwarded to recycling and refurbishment facilities.

Electronic Mailing of Commercial and Non-Commercial documents

Since 18 months the company employs an automated procedure through which all necessary documents for all commercial transactions are sent to the customer or partner. Their dispatch is conducted automatically through the company’s ERP facility thus saving economic resources by eliminating printout and postage costs as well as producing substantially less waste.

Participation in Collective Recycling Systems

Starting from 2010, Enarxis is partcipating in Collective Systems for the recycling of Electronic Devices (Anakiklosi Syskevon SA), Batteries (AFIS) and Packaging MAterials (HERRCo). Though participating in these Collective Recyclong Systems Enarxis is paying its dues in the collective effort to protect the environment by recycling the majority of the waste produced from its activities.

For all your general enquiries, please contact us anytime at the email address or alternatively you can reach us at our switchboard number +30 210 9011900 during working days and hours!

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