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Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI)

Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd. has been a member of the ACCI since it was founded back in July 1999. The ACCI has been a valuable contributor and consultant regarding the company's international trade activities.

About ACCI

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is a Public Entity that was founded in 1914 and continues to offer services to its members and the State. To find out more, please follow visit ACCI's web site at

Manpower Employment Organization (OAED)

Through OAED's services the company manages staff training through seminars and various courses, new hiring research as well as partcipation in state programs for employment aid. Registered since July 1999 with the registration number being 676953226.

About OAED

The operation of OAED is based on the following three pillars: (i) promotion to employment; (ii) unemployment insurance and social protection of maternity and family; (iii) vocational education and training.

OAED is the public authority and central structure managing:

  1. Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs) for halting unemployment, promoting employment, and vocational training for both unemployed and employed citizens.
  2. Passive Labour Market Policies (PLMPs) concerning unemployment insurance measures (regular unemployment benefit) and other social security benefits and allowances (family allowance, maternity allowance etc.).
  3. ALMPs for initial vocational education combined with work practice/traineeship (Apprenticeship system).


To find out more, please visit OAED's web site at

Greek Institute of Logistics Management (HILME)

Since June 2013, Enarxis Dynamic Media Ltd is a member of the Greek Institute of Logistics Management. Through this it gains precious feedback and insight in order to further expand and evolve its logistics infrastructure and practices.


HILME (Hellenic Institute of Logistics Management) is a nonprofit scientific and professional organization that deals systematically with Logistics related issues at national, European and international level.

HILME was founded in 1994 by Professor of Panteion University, Costas Sifniotis and has developed a strategic partnership with the European Logistics Assiciation (ELA).


Panhellenic Exporters Association

 About PEA

The Panhellenic Exporters Association (PEA) was established in 1945 and represents the entire body of Greek Exporters. It is the main export organisation in Greece, and its members are enterprises, cooperatives and organisations engaged in exports of various export sectors from all geographical regions of Greece. Members of PΕΑ produce, manufacture and export a large variety of industrial and agricultural products to practically every country in the world.

PΕΑ's scope is:

to promote the interests of exporting enterprises
to bolster export activity
to assist all interested parties abroad in familiarising themselves with Greek export production and in finding the products they are looking for and the people or companies who sell them. To find out more information about PEA please visit it's official website at


Collective System for Recycling of Electronic Devices Waste (Apliances Recycle SA)


APPLIANCES RECYCLING SA is the official collective system for the operation of the Alternative Management of the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece. The role of the company is to organize, control and coordinate all the stages of the WEEE management. It functions on a non-investment and not-profit basis.

Producers of Electric and Electronic equipment sign the Entry Agreement, regularly declare the quantities of products marketed in Greece and pay the legally required financial contribution to "Appliances Recycling S.A." As a result of that, companies that are registered with the collective system benefit from their exemption from the obligations that are imposed by Law 2939/01 and the Presidential Decree 117/2004 regarding the Alternative Management of WEEE that concerns their activity and have the right to mark their products with the Special Symbol as a proof of registration with the Collective System for the Alternative Management of the WEEE. To find out more information about PEA please visit it's official website at


Collective System for Recycling of Batteries Waste (AFIS)

 About AFIS

AFIS was founded in MArch 2004 with the exclusiv purpose of organizing a collective system for the procesing of batteries and battery related products according to law 2939/06.08.2001.

AFIS operates since then as a non-profit organization aming the to the collection and recycling of batteries in order to achive the national goals that are set by the domestic and European legislation.

 To get more information about AFIA, please visit it's officla web site at www.


Collective System for Recycling of Packaging Waste (HERRCo)

About HERRCo

The Hellenic Recovery-Recycling Corporation SA (HERRCo) was founded in December 2001 by industrial and commercial enterprises which, either supply packaged products to the Greek market, or manufacture different packaging items. The Central Union of Municipalities in Greece (KEDE) has a shareholding of 35% in the System’s capital. In compliance with the provisions of Law 2939/01 and in seeking to fulfill the obligations of packaging operators in an effective and cost-efficient way, HE.R.R.Co has developed and implemented the Collective Alternative Management System – “RECYCLING” (C.A.M.S. – RECYCLING) in our country.

Operational Principles
The operation of HERRCo is based on a set of fundamental principles ensuring the attainment of its goals and based on European practices. They are summarized in the following points:
The contractual participation of packaging operators is carried out subject to the same terms, regardless of whether they are shareholders or not.

The possibility of acquiring a shareholding in the share capital is open to all operators, subject to the same terms with existing shareholders.

The objective of HERRCo is not to achieve a positive financial outcome, but rather to utilize the financial resources allocated for the optimal recovery of packaging waste. It is for this reason that there is no provision for a dividend distribution to the shareholders of HERRCo Pursuant to a decision by the Ministry of Finance, any spare funds generated annually are to be transferred to a special reserve for the purpose of being used for the objectives of HERRCo in the next financial periods.

The activities of the System which aim at the recovery of packaging waste from municipal waste are developed in close partnership with Local Authorities, as set forth in the legal framework.

All packaging materials used by participating companies are treated in an equitable manner.

To find out more information about PEA please visit it's official website at


Hellenic - Chinese Chamber of Commerce

About HCCC

The Hellenic Chinese Chamber (HCC) is an institutional, non-governmental, non-profit, membership association for Greek corporations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in business affairs with People’s Republic of China, and Chinese corporations engaged in business affairs with Greece.

The Hellenic Chinese Chamber :

  • Was set up in 1995
  • Operates under Presidential Decree (576/27-7-95)
  • Is widely recognized and respected at the highest level of both Greek and Chinese governments
  • Numbers over 1200 members



To actively and continuously support the development of business and economic relations between Greece and China so that in the long-run, China becomes in the worldwide scene one of Greece’s major business and economic partners.


To stimulate and support trade in goods and services, investment and technology transfer between Greece and China
To promote the commercial and investment environment of Greece to the Chinese business community and opinion leaders
To provide practical, professional and value added services to the Greek and Chinese corporations that will essentially support their efforts in developing business in China and Greece respectively
To become the voice of the Greek business community to both Greek and Chinese governments through direct advocacy and well written and researched papers of both general and specific issues on Greek – Chinese matters


The Hellenic Chinese Chamber, in its continuous effort to play a central role in the development of business and economic relations between Greece and China, systematically takes initiatives and implements the following actions:

Organize business and trade missions to China
Host high-ranked Chinese governmental and business delegations in Greece and facilitate the development of the appropriate contacts
Support and participate in important exhibition fairs, business forums, conferences, workshops and seminars
Support the publication of books, journals and newsletters


The use of the core services is open to all HCC members. Additionally, the Hellenic Chinese Chamber services can be offered to all registered Greek and Chinese corporations on a pay – as-you- go basis. Upon individual negotiations, we can jointly tailor our services according to the needs and requirements of the interested parties.

Overall, the Hellenic Chinese Chamber can offer the following services:

Provide economic, trade, technological and other data in response to member’s requests
Identify Greek and Chinese reliable business and trade partners for both Chinese and Greek corporations
Provide advice on investment strategies, business practices, operational issues and regulatory environment
Facilitate meeting with Greek and Chinese government officials
Host roundtable discussions for members corporations with Greek and Chinese government officials and business experts, Organize and support business forums, conferences, matchmaking events and training seminars.

To find out more information about PEA please visit it's official website at

For all your general enquiries, please contact us anytime at the email address or alternatively you can reach us at our switchboard number +30 210 9011900 during working days and hours!

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