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SD Distributions (DIRAC DIST, SL) is a company dedicated to the distribution of comics and specialty leisure items leisure, born from the merger of two distributors who have been working in the sector since 1994.

It is one of the most specialized distributors in the field of comics. It operates in Spain and caters to more than 1500 points of sale across the country. They have more than 100 catalog items from the most important publishers in the industry and offer a delivery service for 24-48 hours to anywhere on the peninsula.

SDToys is the line of products created by SD Distributions, the first company to develop and manufacture a line of collectible figurines based on film and television. Currently the product line has diversified into different categories that could highlight figures, stress, t-shirts, bags, cups and mugs, keychains and stationery. They work with major licensees such as Warner Bros (The Big Bang Theory, DC Comics, The Hobbit, Man of Steel, Gremlins, Matrix ...); Disney (Star Wars), HBO (Game of Thrones, True Blood ...); Paramount (Grease, The Godfather, The Warriors, WWZ, Gru) and Bandai (Mazinger Z, Dr.Slump) among others.

In 2014 and 2015 it released the new product lines 'Do It Yourself! Collection Dough' and Pixel Super.

For all your general enquiries, please contact us anytime at the email address or alternatively you can reach us at our switchboard number +30 210 9011900 during working days and hours!

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