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Based in the United Kingdom, Excalibur is the mainstream PC publishing arm of Contact Sales. It's headed up by Robert Stallibrass who brings over 20 years' experience in computer games sales and marketing to the "round table". Excalibur's titles can be found in all of the major UK retail outlets including; PC World/Dixons, Game, HMV, GameStation, Amazon and independent stores. The management team consists of:

Sharon Stallibrass - Commercial Director: Sharon has held senior management positions with US Gold, Core Design and Eidos Interactive Limited over the past twenty years.

Edward Grabowski - Product Manager: In the last 15 years Edward has designed over 25 titles for a variety of publishers including Microprose, Hasbro, Empire Interactive and Impressions.

Excalibur will focus on PC strategy games covering Real Time Strategy, RPG and the adventure genres.

"There is an army of developers who are self-financing good quality, original PC games that can generate healthy revenues for everyone if the right business plan is put into place. Launching Excalibur as a vehicle for developers who appreciate this business model is the product of research we've been carrying out in this sector for the past eighteen months."

Robert Stallibrass
Managing Director
Excalibur Publishing Limited

For all your general enquiries, please contact us anytime at the email address or alternatively you can reach us at our switchboard number +30 210 9011900 during working days and hours!

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