Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back!

Platform: PS4 & NSW | Publisher: ININ Games | Developer: Taito | Genre: Platform | Release Date: 17/11/2020

The Baron is Back is a new area with 100 stages!

A new area featuring the invincible bully from the original Bubble Bobble: Baron von Blubba! As per the original, players start from stage 1 and must play through all 100 new stages to complete the game.

Baron von Blubba only appears on dedicated stages, but cannot be bubbled or burst and pursues the player relentlessly. Avoid him while you bubble the other bullies!


  • 4-Player co-op mode
  • After more than 10 years finally the official sequel of the critically acclaimed cult 80's game series Bubble Bobble
  • Created by Taito - The company that practically started the video game revolution with their classic hit Space Invaders
  • Jump 'n' Run/ platform game
  • Travel through one hundred stages, blow and burst bubbles, jump on and off blown bubbles to navigate level obstacles, dodge and eliminate enemies, and collect a variety of items.
  • A new Bubble Bobble with high quality graphics
  • 100 stages (50 family friendly/ 50 challenging)
  • 5 bosses

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