Eldrador Creatures

Platform: PS4 & NSW | Publisher: Merge Games | Developer: Wild River | Genre: Strategy | Release Date: 20/11/2020

Eldrador Creatures is a turn based strategy game for kids and people interested in the popular Eldrador creatures universe from Schleich! The player chooses one of 4 creature factions in the battle for the magic sword, which will give the power over the world of Eldrador. Strategic battles bring the players across the different locations of the game world - lava, ice, rock and jungle while he is expanding and upgrading his armies to succeed in the ultimate battle for the magic sword!


  • 4 playable creature factions
  • 20 different playable original Schleich creatures (including all new releases) as well as the new Eldrador-minicreatures!
  • Battlegrounds in all 4 locations of the game world (lava, ice, rock and jungle)
  • Dynamic battlegrounds with falling elements like collapsing walls and bridges
  • All dialogues are fully spoken in English!

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