The Witch and the Hundred Knight

Platform: PS3 | Publisher: NIS America | Developer: Nippon Ichi Software | Genre: R.P.G. | Release Date: 21/03/2014 |
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This story takes place in a familiar-sounding but twisted fantasy world.

In a small forest adjacent to the Amataya kingdom lives the ugly, disgusting, and wholly unlikable Forest Witch. The genius Swamp Witch, who has a perfect figure and lusty voice, also lives nearby.

As if the two were competing to learn whose magic is the strongest, they have constantly been bickering and battling for 100 years. Then one day, the Swamp Witch finds a legendary soldier slumbering in the depths of darkness, toppling the 100-year balance.

Key features:

  • Dark fantasy melee: Equip up to five different weapons at a time to build diverse, guard-breaking combos!
  • Be thee dexterous?: Use the Mystical Dodge feature to slow down time by avoiding an enemy's attack at the last moment!
  • Enemy chowdown: Remain in Metallia's service longer by consuming your foes when your Gigcals are low!
  • Magical metamorphosis: Switch between different “facets” to best clobber your enemies and explore this dark fantasy world.
  • Sinister is the name of the game: Enjoy the tale of one girl’s vengeance against the entire world—and "mercy" is not in her vocabulary!
  • Dual Audio galore: Players have the ability to switch between and enjoy both the English and Japanese audio tracks whilst adventuring!

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