Beyond a Steel Sky

Platform: PS4, NSW, PS5 & Xbox1 | Publisher: Microids | Developer: Revolution Software | Genre: Adventure | Release Date: 30/11/2021 |
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From Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, with art direction by Dave Gibbons, legendary comic book artist behind ‘Watchmen’, comes ‘Beyond a Steel Sky’, the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’.

You are Robert Foster. A child has been abducted in a brutal attack. You have vowed to bring him home. But the trail has led you from your community of desert wasteland dwellers to Union City, one of the last remaining mega-cities in a world ravaged by shattering wars, and political meltdown.

Fortified and impenetrable, it is a utopia in which people live happily under the surveillance and control of a benign AI. But all is far from what it seems...

‘Beyond a Steel Sky’ is a dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller in which engaging puzzles drive a fast-paced narrative set in a dynamic gameworld that responds to – and is subverted by – the player’s actions.


  • The World - An adventure set within a dynamic world, populated by willful characters driven by motivations that the player can subvert. In combination with a unique hacking tool, multiple solutions to puzzles emerge from player choices.
  • The Story - Unravel dark conspiracies, defeat a terrifying antagonist in this dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller, which explores contemporary themes: social control, AI, and total surveillance.
  • The puzzles - Intelligent puzzles are interwoven with an intriguing dramatic narrative to deliver a compelling gameplay experience.
  • The Look - A beautifully detailed, comic-book styled world, from the mind of legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons.

The Beyond a Steelbook Edition includes:

  • The Game
  • Exclusive Steelbook featuring comic artwork from Dave Gibbons
  • Original Game Soundtrack (digital)
  • Stickers

The Utopia Edition includes:

  • The Game
  • Unique Collector’s Box
  • Exclusive Hologram Lamp
  • Exclusive Steelbook featuring comic artwork from Dave Gibbons
  • 5 Holo-ad Cards
  • Original Game Soundtrack (digital)
  • Stickers
  • Enamel Pin
  • 50-page mini Artbook
  • Exchangeable Dog Tags (keychain & necklace)

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