Yuoni - Sunset Edition

Platform: PS5 | Publisher: Meridiem | Developer: Tricore Inc. | Genre: Action | Release Date: 16/12/2021

Ai, a 10 year old student in 1990s Japan, is drawn into a story of living ghosts. Forced to play childish games, Ai is stalked by supernatural entities as her life hangs in the balance. When these horrors begin to be mirrored in the real world, Ai must accept that she has only three choices: hide, run or die...

Experience an unnerving mix of beauty, fear and nostalgia in a mysterious world where a Japanese house, school and hospital are inexplicably connected. Explore corridors, witness the ethereal glow of amber through the paper walls of a traditional Japanese home, and escape the black shadows that haunt the rooms of a hospital where, somehow, there is never any electricity.Ai has no way to defend himself. You will have to exploit the weaknesses of each spirit. Hold your breath to get past blind enemies or quickly run past deaf entities, otherwise be prepare to suffer a dire fate.

To make matters worse, your classmates harbor dark thoughts and secrets that you must uncover to advance. An alternate ending will be available to you - what story will this new path reveal? Back in the terrifying world of Yuoni, you will face much more difficult enemies, but the reward will also be greater.

The Sunset Edition includes exclusive postcards.


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