Air Conflicts Double Pack

Platform: PS4 | Publisher: Kalypso | Developer: Games Farm | Genre: Collection | Release Date: 22/07/2016

Experience explosive airborne action, high in the skies over historic battlegrounds and set across two different wars, in Air Conflicts: Double Pack on Sony PlayStation4 - combining both Air Conflicts: Vietnam and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers in one high-octane package!

In Air Conflicts: Vietnam, take your seat in the cockpit of various fighter planes and helicopters, and plunge straight into daredevil aerial battles above the jungles of Vietnam! Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, then sees you step back into World War 2 and play your way through two distinct campaigns, either coordinating the defense of Pearl Harbor and the liberation of the Pacific Ocean by order of the USA - or winning honor and glory for the Japanese empire. Experience the vast scale of these defining conflicts that shaped the history of warfare on the open seas and in the skies.

  • Experience an epic campaign filled with heroic moments and the harrowing effects of war.
  • Pilot and customize more than 20 planes and helicopters
  • Command up to four jets or helicopters, combining their unique abilities to complete challenging objectives
  • Play online with up to eight online opponents in fast-paced Deathmatch air battles
  • Immerse yourself fully in the atmosphere of the historical period with a rock soundtrack

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