Fritz Chess 13

Platform: PC | Publisher: Excalibur Publishing | Developer: ChessBase | Genre: Board | Release Date: 25/11/2011 |
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Fritz 13 features improved and enhanced database management, user interface in Windows Office 2010 standard, and the more powerful Fritz 13 engine, specially tuned for deep analysis. Fritz 13 offers chess players everything they need to study and train: professional board graphics, engine management, adjustable playing strength, coaching, move explanation, game analysis and commentary, training modules, printing of games and diagrams, a database of 1.5 million games, ten hours of private video instruction by grandmasters. And one month of free premium membership to the world’s largest chess server:

Join the community! "Let’s Check" is a revolutionary new feature of Fritz 13 that will change the chess world*. With it Fritz 13 users can join a world-wide community that will put together a giant knowledge base for chess. Whenever you analyse a position to any meaningful depth with your chess engine Fritz 13 will, if you allow it, send the main line and evaluation to a central server, to be shared by all participating users. Soon you will be able to find deep analysis to almost every position you look at – instantly, pre-generated by the finest engines in the world, running on the most powerful machines around. Gone are the days where you would have to wait for your computer to reach substantial depth in order to make sure you are not falling into a trap. You will even be able to see the analysis of different chess engines and compare their results – all without a second of wait time.

"Discover" a position! It does not matter whether you are a beginner, a club player or a Super-GM. If you use a powerful engine to analyse a hitherto unknown position with the Let’s Check function switched on, you will be automatically registered as the "discoverer" of that position. "Conquer" chess positions! Let’s Check keeps updating the evaluations to any given position with newer, deeper analysis as this becomes available. Using powerful machines and the latest engines allows you to "conquer" positions, with your name attached to the newest, deepest analysis. You can also add comments to your analysis, which other users will see when they encounter the position.


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