Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition

Platform: PS4, NSW, PSVita & WiiU | Publisher: BadLand Games | Developer: Thomas Happ Games | Genre: Action | Release Date: 26/01/2018

After a lab accident, Trace awakens on the mysterious alien world of Sudra. Unsure if he was beamed to a distant planet or the far future - or if he's trapped in an elaborate computer simulation - Trace begins his quest to defeat Athetos and uncover the secrets of Sudra.


  • Expansive non-linear exploration of multiple labyrinthine, interlocking areas.
  • Tons of unique tools and abilities, loads of weapons, and bundles of health/power/attribute upgrades.
  • Combat dozens of unique creatures and bosses.
  • In-game glitches allowing you to break past the boundaries of normal gameplay.
  • Speedrun mode: Play with a streamlined interface and additional features.

Multiverse Edition includes

  • Copy of the game
  • Deluxe booklet with developer's commentary and art
  • Double-sided poster
  • Exclusive making-of documentary on DVD

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